What Is Dental Monitoring?

Dental monitoring is a new technology that enables our Specialist Orthodontists to monitor your treatment without the need to visit our practice. Instead of coming into our practice, we can keep an eye on the movement of your teeth remotely.

Designed so that you require less visits to our practice, giving you one less thing to worry about in your busy schedule.

How Does Dental Monitoring Work?

Simply download the DM (Dental Monitoring) app to your phone.

The ScanBox is simple to use and takes no time at all, simply follows the instructions that the app reads out to take photos of your teeth.

The photos are automatically sent to your Orthodontist and you're done! Simple as that.

The Benefits Of Dental Monitoring

  • Faster Treatment

    The dental monitoring tool is simple to use, and provides accurate photos to your Specialist Orthodontist which makes your treatment faster and more efficient.

  • Fewer Appointments

    Due to the ease of dental monitoring there is less of a need to visit the practice, allowing you to send updates on your treatment from the comfort of your own home.

  • Communicate Anytime, Anywhere

    Due to the built in messenger application it is easy to send feedback, receive advice or updates, without having to call or visit the practice.

  • Visualize The Evolution Of Your Smile

    The unique 3D matching technology is available as part of the app. Which allows you to replay your treatment, creating a movie from each of your scans.

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