NHS Orthodontic treatment

We are proud of the reputation we have earned since 1996, providing high quality NHS orthodontic care to children and young patients under the age of 18. We are committed to the continuation of this service so that the children in our community have the opportunity to benefit from lovely straight teeth and a beautiful smile. All of our patients receive the same high quality treatment and end result however they are funded.

Who qualifies for NHS funding?
Orthodontic treatment is only available free of charge on the NHS for young people under 18 years of age. They must be under 18 when the appliance is put on.

As an NHS patient you must be referred to us by your regular General Dentist
They will assess you during your regular appointments and decide whether they should refer you to us. Once referred you will have an initial consultation at which we will establish your needs and eligibility for treatment.

The referral process

Since April 1st 2020 there have been some changes to the referral process.

Your General Dentist will no longer refer directly to us but will do so through the Dental Referral Management System (DRMS). The team at the DRMS will decide the next steps for you – be it that you are seen at the hospital or at a clinic like ours.

To find out more about the process please look at their website https://www.dental-referrals.org/patients/

ALL patients who were referred to us before April 1st have been transferred to this system.

If you had an initial consultation with Orthokind before April 1st and were told you have been put on the Treatment Waiting List this is also being managed by the DRMS.

Following the stopping of treatment during lock down we have now started NHS treatments again but obviously waiting times are going to be longer than we previously envisaged.