Patient care at Orthokind during COVID-19

The practice is now open during normal hours - 8.30-5.00pm Monday to Friday

All visits are strictly by appointment only. These appointments require us to follow strict COVID 19 safety protocols - so please look at the chart on the Home page to know what to expect .

We can resolve many queries over the telephone and by email and have set up a digital consultation facility also - so please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Below is also some Home Advice that was issued when the practice was closed during the pandemic that you might find useful.

Home Advice

Loose wire/wire digging in

 If a thin wire, it may be possible for  you or  a family member to use tweezers to replace the wire in to the tube/band.

 It may be that a thin wire is the correct size but has  rotated round the teeth so that it is short on one side and long on the other. Try using tweezers, a pencil with a rubber on the end or a teaspoon and push the wire back round to prevent the long end digging in.

If the wire is sharp or digging in  you can  cover it with Orthodontic wax (if you do not have any the practice may be able to send you some/ or you can buy online) – other options also are  –  the wax covering from hard cheese (baby-bell, cheddar), Blue tack or even chewing gum may help

Broken bonded retainer

Push  the wire back down towards the tooth as much as possible. (Fingers or tweezers)  Cover with best medium available (Ortho wax, Cheese wax, Blu tack, chewing gum)

If it has come off completely – use  removable retainers if you have any

Lost retainer

 Contact the practice– it may be that we can access your final moulds and make a new retainer which can be posted out to you

If it is not possible to get a replacement retainer you could consider ordering online a ‘boil in the bag’ (heat mouldable) gumshield to use and wear at night to reduce the risk of relapse (unwanted tooth movement).

 It should be noted that these appliances aren’t specifically designed to hold teeth in position so the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any relapse.

Loose Retainer

If your retainer is loose STOP wearing it at night time as there is a risk of you swallowing it whilst asleep.
Try wearing it for 6 hours during the day whilst you are awake.

Invisalign Aligners

 If your current aligner is in good order keep wearing it as instructed.

In some cases, we are sending out the next sets of aligners so you can continue  your treatment as normal. Please call the practice to discuss your options.

If you have any concerns about your treatment  please ring or email the practice  for further  advice. 

Meanwhile we have detailed below some solutions to common problems:-

The aligner does not fit properly

Revert to the previous aligner for a few days and then re-fit the next aligner. If it still does not fit contact us for help.

The aligner rubs and causes an ulcer or is digging in.

Use an emery board, or nail file to buff down the edge of the aligner to make it comfortable. Orthodontic wax can also be used if the edge of the aligner sticks out. The wax can protect your lip.

An attachment has fallen off

Keep treatment progressing as normal. Advise your orthodontist. Watch the tooth which has lost the attachment and if it seems to fit the aligner less well stop progressing treatment to the next aligner and wear the current aligner as a retainer.

Broken aligner

Revert back to the previous one and contact us so we can try and get replacements sent out to you.

Loss of all aligners

Contact us and we will try and  organise new aligners to be sent out. 

Retainer Issues

Lost retainers can, sometimes, be replaced and new ones sent directly to you.

 If you have the last aligner from your treatment, use that as a retainer until a replacement can be made.

Bracket off

This is not urgent unless it is causing trauma to the soft tissues.

 It may be the possible to leave the bracket if it is not causing any problems at present.

Removable appliances

 Check for comfort and retention

If  you are unsure about how much to continue to wear the appliance please call us to discuss.

If fractured or ill- fitting do not wear the appliance

Lost module

Try and make  the wire where the module has been lost secure with dental wax, cheese wax or blu tack and chewing gum

Fractured  or frayed power chain

Accept situation– most power chains will denature in 4-6 weeks and become passive

Exposed end of wire tie – long ligature or short ligature.

Re-tuck sharp end under wire/bracket using teaspoon or tweezers

 Cover for comfort using Ortho wax, Cheese wax, Blu tack, chewing gum

When to call the practice

You are very welcome to contact us by phone or email if you have ANY concerns or need support in following out any of the procedures in Home Advice

However, it is important to remember that visits to the practice are for emergency treatment  – if you are in pain or in danger of inhaling a loose part. Visits  are only by appointment. 

Guidelines if visiting the practice

  • Only the patient and a chaperone (if required) is allowed in
  • Attend at the time given – you will not be allowed in if you are early or late
  • Please use hand sanitiser on arrival
  • Keep your hands clean and wash regularly
  • Always carry tissues with you to catch coughs and sneezes
  • Try to avoid close or direct contact

Please do not visit the practice is you are:-

Please look at

Care Instructions

Generally leaving an orthodontic appliance in for several months is not detrimental provided you continue with the usual care instructions

  1. Brush 3 times a day (and every time you eat) with your standard toothbrush and an adult fluoride toothpaste. Followed by interproximal brushes. 
  2. After brushing spit – do not rinse with water. 
  3. Rinse with a fluoride mouth rinse once per day
  4. Keep to a low sugar diet.
  5. Avoid snacking especially snacking on sugars and drinks with added sugar – especially fizzy drinks. Water is the best drink for your teeth
  6. Avoid hard, crunchy  and/ or sticky food stuffs that could break the brace wire or fracture the bracket

Remember be careful not to break your brace

Follow dietary advice

Cut up some food in to small pieces before eating

Avoid chewing pen lids and biting your nails

Try not to fiddle with your brace

We are here to help so please do call or email with any of your concerns

The Team at Orthokind wish you and your family well during these challenging times and look forward to seeing you all in the future.