Lingual braces – Incognito

Here at Orthokind we use Incognito™ braces

Each bracket is cast-gold and custom-made to fit on the inside (lingual) surface of your teeth, making them virtually invisible. It is also one of the most comfortable systems around. Lingual braces offer all the benefits of a fixed brace system to ensure you get the best possible results.

Treatment can take up to 2 years, but very often an improvement can be seen in just a few months, making your confidence grow throughout treatment.


When any brace is fitted there will be some discomfort after it is fitted, but this quickly wears off. Any discomfort can be reduced by taking simple painkillers such as paracetomol.
Treatment time with lingual braces is typically up to 30% faster compared with normal fixed systems.
Lingual braces use gentle forces to create space naturally, but in a few cases extractions may be still be required. Every person is different and your Orthodontist will tell you whether this is the case.
Straight teeth are the most important part of your smile – a great smile will make you feel more confident. Numerous studies have shown the value that an attractive smile can bring to an individual’s personal and professional life.
No – you are never too old to change your smile and we successfully treat people of all ages.

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